A World of Warcraft auction house availability checker with an API and notifications that works off of a dynamic list of items and realms.

aHawk also runs very light, focusing exclusively on the availability of items: only checking on items on realms that users have specifically requested and only keeping a day's worth of checks.

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A system to schedule messages to be sent to a list of people using the user's own IFTTT recipe, resulting in vast array of possible communication channels ranging from email and SMS to Pushbullet and flashing LEDs on person's desk.

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A personal assistant program leveraging for recognizing commands and the scripts in the repository for acting on commands.

Gade is different from other personal assistants because she's not being developed by a company with useful products of their own, she's being developed by an individual.
So, for example, instead of the 'music app' being the music app made by those developing the assistant, it will instead include support for Spotify, SoundCloud, Rdio, Pandora, and others.

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Abian is a network for creating, sharing, and running Adventure Quest Worlds bots.

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UserSystem is a ready-to-deploy system for allowing users to have accounts.
It's super fast to set up, enormously simple, well-documented, and most importantly: very secure.

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MineWorld is a PlanetMinecraft clone for a client left unfinished.
It utilized a PHP back-end for a JavaScript front-end that all worked while the user typed.

I created the PHP back-end, consulted on the design, and also consulted on the front-end scripting.

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Dark monitor is a helper extension for A Dark Room mainly focusing on making managing your resources significantly easier by changing the way they are presented slightly to be more understandable at a glance and making suggestions to make your income of resources more stable.

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A save creator for Candy Box 2.

It will produce a save for Candy Box 2 after the user inputs some choices, but not stupidly; if the user makes a choice that relies on another choice then the choosing will cascade, activating both versus producing a broken save.

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An extension for Firefox (then Chrome and TamperMonkey) to style 4chan (then reddit, imgur, facebook, tumblr, other chans, and more) in order to make it a cleaner site with many extra, useful features such as managing get threads, downloading all images, gallery view for images, and dragon-raid threads.

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Bildertill is a web-monitor for 4chan and reddit that aggregates potential wallpapers, tags the crap out of them, and lets users download very specific wallpapers for themselves.

For example, a user could be downloading pictures that are mainly purple and white, are clipart, are safe for work, and feature a girl who has purple hair.

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